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We believe donators would be horrified to learn that the UK’s largest charities spend hundreds of thousands of pounds every year sending unfit and excess donations to straight landfill.


It’s a real issue within the sector and with the trend for fast fashion forever on the rise, we aim to do things a little differently with an awareness of waste and space at the heart of what we do. 


We aim to reduce both by encouraging the re-homing of only the highest quality goods. Donations such as those listed below are always gratefully received and can be made at our Portobello Store.


With our vow in mind, we may at times limited the amount of clothing we'll accept and encourage instead the donation of larger, pre-loved pieces you believe deserve a new home. 


If you’re unsure, please just call ahead.

Our team will be happy to help. 

Yes, please...

Thanks, but no...

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